Land Promotion

We work with landowners to unlock the value of their land through land promotion and agree to purchase the site upon successful planning gain.

This involves us taking responsibility for promoting the land or commercial buildings through the planning system at our cost and risk to secure permission for residential use. 

Once planning permission is secured, we purchase the land at the agreed price and then develop the site alongside one of our development partners.

We fund the whole process ourselves, entirely at our risk, and we don’t charge the landowners any fees in the event our planning promotion fails.

Throughout the process there is absolutely no financial risk or burden for the landowners and the land can continue to be used for its current purpose until the land is purchased by Walbury. 

We are on the same team, working relentlessly to deliver the best result. We consider our relationship with the landowner as a special partnership.

Our ethos is based on the principle that all stakeholders must benefit equally from a deal. Trust, integrity and transparency are upheld throughout each and every partnership. 

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