Residential development

We work with a number of reputable and experienced developers throughout Northern England to deliver a variety of bespoke housing developments.

We carry out these developments under a Joint Ventureagreement whereby Walbury provides the development opportunity and access to funding and the developer builds and sells the properties. 

We have successfully developed properties with a GDV in excess of £50m under Joint Venture agreements. 

Residential property development requires a very specific skill set to successfully manage a development from inception to completion. We work alongside our development partners providing advice and assistance in a wide range of matters; 

FundingPlanning condition, Utilities Budgeting, Tendering/cost control Procurement of prelims, subcontractors, plant and labour,
Sales and marketing,
Legal conveyancing, Sales aftercare. 

Similarly with our approach to our landowner partners, we value our partnership with our developers.

Our ethos is based on the principle that all stakeholders must benefit equally from a deal. Trust, integrity and transparency are upheld throughout each and every partnership. 

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